A Free, London Event For Young Trustees/Potential Trustees

A Free, London Event For Young Trustees/Potential Trustees






This is a guest post by Aris Tsontzos 


It’s not easy being a young trustee. Being a trustee has traditionally been seen as an older person’s game – the average age of a trustee in the UK is apparently 57. Times are changing, though, and more and more young people are waking up to the fact that they can make a real difference to a charity’s future from the inside. Being on a board is exhilarating, but it can also be a little nerve-wracking and even lonely at the best of times. Charity boards are great places to accumulate experience, but it can be easy to feel isolated as the youngest person around the table. There are others out there, though – other people like us. We young trustees need to stick together and rally around each other to support the good work we’re each doing.

With that in mind, I think it’s about time that we start networking and start sharing what works and what doesn’t. We should be open and honest about things such as what is the best way to be taken seriously, and how to get your motions noticed and heard by your fellow trustees. At the same time, we should be able to let our hair down and wax lyrical about the things which irritate us and the things which make us laugh. What we need is a meet-up.

Come on down to London Youth at the end of the month to meet fellow young trustees and share experiences. Or, even better, bring along a friend who’s curious about being a trustee so they can see what all the fuss is about. It’s bound to be a blast. Nibbles and light refreshments will be provided.

WHEN: Friday 20th January, 6pm-8pm (Calendar invite)

WHERE: London Youth, 47-49 Pitfield Street, London N1 6DA (nearest Tube Old Street)

No need to RSVP. Just show up!

It doesn’t have to stop here, though. Not in London? No problem! Please do feel free to set up your own event for young trustees in your local area. If you’d like any help with this, please leave a comment and I’ll get back to you.

I hope to see you there, for what is bound to be an interesting night.


Note from me, Alex Swallow, as the Founder of Young Charity Trustees

I’m thrilled that Aris has put this event together- it is such a good opportunity for young people to talk about Trusteeship. Whether you are a young trustee or would like to be one, I urge you to come along.

I will be at the event myself and will speak briefly to introduce myself and to mention a book about young trustees that I’m planning and would like you to be involved in. See you there!

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