A Woman on a Mission : Why Manjit Is Determined To Get Us Talking About Periods

A Woman on a Mission : Why Manjit is determined to get us talking about Periods

    A guest post by John Harvey, Senior Communications and Project Implementation Officer, Binti Period LLP- for a very important cause     Manjit K. Gill is a woman on a mission. Her mentoring work in Nairobi with the Cherie Blair Foundation in 2013 led her to a shocking revelation: women in the developing world […]

Charity Careers- Support Your Career By Joining Our Group!

  Do you wish that you worked for a charity? Or, do you already have a charity career but it isn’t heading quite in the direction you want? In either case, you may be interested in my Charity Careers initiative. Joining our community of more than 2000 professionals on LinkedIn will give you the opportunity […]

Digital Nomads, Social Entrepreneurs And Borders At Gran Canaria Business Week

Digital Nomads, Social Entrepreneurs And Borders At Gran Canaria Business Week

    Last weekend I had the honour of making a speech on the final day of Gran Canaria Business Week. If you would like to check out some of the associated social media activity, please take a look here. There was an amazing lineup of speakers, including the President of what must be the […]

How Small Charities Can Get Big Benefits From Social Media- 5 Tips From Me

  This post was written in September 2013   People who know me know how passionate I am about social media and how much I care about supporting small charities too. Well, this is a post about how those interests collide. Visceral Business have done some great recent work about social media and charities.  Their report, […]

Want to be a charity/nonprofit Chief Executive? Here’s 5 tips!

  I have already touched on some of the brilliant things and frustrating things about being a Chief Exec. Hopefully the tips and insights won’t just be relevant to those who are interested in being in this particular role one day but for anyone who wants to take their career forward in our sector, including […]