How Small Charities Can Get Big Benefits From Social Media- 5 Tips From Me

  This post was written in September 2013   People who know me know how passionate I am about social media and how much I care about supporting small charities too. Well, this is a post about how those interests collide. Visceral Business have done some great recent work about social media and charities.  Their report, […]

Want to be a charity/nonprofit Chief Executive? Here’s 5 tips!

  I have already touched on some of the brilliant things and frustrating things about being a Chief Exec. Hopefully the tips and insights won’t just be relevant to those who are interested in being in this particular role one day but for anyone who wants to take their career forward in our sector, including […]

5 Reasons Why You Should NEVER Get A Job At A Charity

  1- If you want to do things for people (rather than work with them) If you have a Victorian idea of charity where you and your fellow charity workers bestow gifts from on high to some grateful, needy beneficiaries, I’d prefer you didn’t join the sector. Doing things ‘for’ people just doesn’t work, at […]