Charity Careers- Support Your Career By Joining Our Group!



Do you wish that you worked for a charity? Or, do you already have a charity career but it isn’t heading quite in the direction you want?

In either case, you may be interested in my Charity Careers initiative. Joining our community of more than 2000 professionals on LinkedIn will give you the opportunity to learn more about other people’s roles, to make meaningful connections and to share your insights with others.

Working for a nonprofit organisation can bring a great sense of fulfillment to the person concerned and have a huge impact on causes that desperately need more attention.

I am worried that too few bright young people opt for a charity career- not because doing good doesn’t appeal to them but because the sector often doesn’t do a great job of marketing itself. Charities need the best people and they need to care about developing and supporting them. I hope that the Charity Careers initiative plays a small part in improving things.


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