Good News Shared Is Going From Strength To Strength

Good News Shared Is Going From Strength To Strength


Many of my regular readers may know that one of my roles is supporting Good News Shared, an amazing positive charitable news website founded and run by my brilliant wife Nisha.


There have been some great recent developments with Good News Shared that I would like you to know about.

There is a fantastic redesign to the website, making it even easier to find the stories that matter to you.

There have now been more than 30 podcasts, an amazing achievement and a great way to spread the word about good causes and inspirational people.

There have been lots of new videos posted on the YouTube channel- I think this one is my favourite so far:


Also, Good News Shared was featured in this great article by wapikka (another organisation I really like) called ‘Beautiful blogs for the change maker generation’.


These are some of the articles on the site that have caught my eye recently:

If you would like to learn more about why the site was set up and to find out about the community of people that support Good News Shared, please take a look here.

I wrote an article for the site recently about a health boost for 10 million families in India. Hope you enjoy it and the rest of the fantastic articles on there and that you sign up to the email list on the site.

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