How To Become A Young Trustee


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Podcast: ‘How To Become A Young Trustee’

The podcast above gives reasons for why young people should be Trustees and talks a little bit about my own Trustee Journey and why I set up Young Charity Trustees.



It includes 5 tips for young people who want to become trustees:


1 Passion matters so much

2 Think outside the box when finding a role

3 Be as open-minded as you can about the role you choose

4 Consider how your skills complement those of the existing board members

5 Think how you can make the biggest difference



It also features 5 tips for charities who want to bring young trustees onto their Board:


1 Have a clear ask on your website, driving traffic back there. It’s the best place to sell yourself

2 Don’t try to get ‘down with the kidz’

3 Consider if there is anything in the general way your Board is set up (meeting times etc) that would discourage young people

4 Provide an offer of induction, training and maybe a buddy system. This would be good for all new Trustees, not just young ones

5 Be confident in the knowledge that there are a lot of potential young trustees out there- by thinking of them, you have a wider pool of applicants

(I give a fuller explanation of these tips in the podcast itself)


It is a great time to try to become a young trustee. More and more charities are thinking about trying to recruit young people for their boards and more and more young people are deciding to take the plunge. Excellent research from Getting on Board, and from CAF – chimes with our own research to show the great appetite that young people have for Trusteeship.

There are thousands if not millions of young people out there right now who have no idea that they could be Trustees but would join Boards with the right encouragement and support. That’s thousands of young people who could give their passion, their skills and their knowledge to charities. Don’t we owe it to our beneficiaries to help make this a reality?

If you do decide that you want to become a Trustee, here is an excellent place to start.

Charity trustees make a huge contribution to our society and I want more and more young trustees to be part of that!

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