Las Palmas- World Number 1 For Digital Nomads

Cathedral in the old town of Las Palmas

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My wife Nisha and I have written an article for our digital nomad website, that I wanted to share with you. It is a bit of a summary of our journey so far and is called:

3 Reasons Las Palmas is the Top Digital Nomad Destination in the World


The three points we make as to why Las Palmas is the best global destination for digital nomads are:

  • Because – Who wouldn’t enjoy living there?
  • Because – The city really cares about digital nomads and is doing more all the time
  • Because-  Nomad List said so!


As well as presenting our own reasons, the article is packed full of quotes from both digital nomad and Las Palmas experts such as Johannes of Webworktravel, Nacho of Coworking C, Matthew of Gran Canaria Local and Alex of Gran Canaria Info. They are just some of the brilliant people we’ve met while we’re here.


Please remember to check out our LinkedIn group if you want to network with other actual or aspiring digital nomads/people who are location independent!

It would be great to find out if you agree with our reasons and we’d love to hear your tips for other digital nomad destinations we should look out for…




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