Social Good Six Interview 32: Ashley Stahl

Social Good Six Interview 32: Ashley Stahl


Ashley Stahl is a career coach and speaker who empowers 20 and 30somethings around the world in finding their purpose, landing more job offers and launching their dream businesses. At age 23, Stahl managed a high-level program for the Pentagon, for which she was named a “Top 99 Foreign Policy Leader Under 33” by Diplomatic Courier Magazine and Young Professionals in Foreign Policy. Next, she was named Power 30 Under 30 leader by Apex Society for her work running the Global Threat Intelligence Team at a global political risk consultancy.


While preparing senior officials for the front lines of the war on terror, Ashley launched her leadership firm, Ashley Stahl International Inc., which offers private coaching and unparalleled online programs to empower Millennials to find their purpose, land more job offers and increase their income. She’s worked with thousands of 20somethings in 19 countries via her online program, the Limitless Career Lab, and she also privately mentors forthcoming coaches in their business launch process.


Ashley Stahl is a columnist for Forbes on the topic of Gen Y women, careers and leadership, and also blogs for her own career blog at Her work has been featured on FOX News, the Wall Street Journal, SELF Magazine, the Washington Post, TEDx, Newsweek and more.


Ashley earned her Master’s degree in international relations from King’s College London, and is currently completing another Master’s in Spiritual Psychology at the University of Santa Monica. She holds a Bachelor’s degree from University of Redlands in government, history and French. She’s fluent in French and currently learning Arabic.



1- In no more than three sentences, please explain what you do 


I’m a career and business coach who helps millennials find their purpose, land more job offers or launch their service based business!



2- Who inspires you? 


Albert Einstein and Sheryl Sandberg– random, I know– but these two forces move me. My grandpa had lunch with Albert Einstein when he was younger, and told me he was a soft and sweet soul. You’d never know he was one of the brightest minds of our time because he had no ego. My goal is to always check my ego at the door no matter how high my highs can be in business. I also love Sheryl Sandberg because she has her own voice, and it is so strong and clear. She is a true beacon of the second wave of the feminist movement.



3- What is the biggest change you want to see in the world? 


As a former counterterrorism professional, I have to go back to my roots on this question and say safety. It’s a basic human need and I continue to be shocked by the political and national security circumstances we are in. I do not feel optimistic about our security in the future and it’s something I think about and read about often. My wish for the world is tolerance.



4- What would you like to be remembered for? 


The type of person I am in my family. I strive to be a good wife, daughter and friend. I love what I do for a leaving and it is so fulfilling, but my business won’t love me back when I’m having a down day- my tribe will. I want to be remembered as someone who fully saw and loved the people in her life. I want to be a light.



5- What is the most interesting new idea you’ve come across in the past year? 


Great question. I’d say the most interesting idea I’ve come across is from my Master’s program at University of Santa Monica– the distinction between barriers and boundaries. Boundaries are healthy and they are a form of self love; barriers are distancing and typically from some sort of reaction. This really got me thinking differently in a way where I always want to honor my boundaries with people, but remain open and without barriers to be connected and in my love.



6- Finally, how can people engage with your work if they’d like to learn more/help?


I have a FREE online workshop on how to master the job hunt and get paid what you’re worth– they can register at I’m also at, where there’s a blog and information on private career and business coaching!




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