Social Good Six Interview 33: Rob Jackson

Social Good Six Interview 33: Rob Jackson


Rob Jackson is Director of Rob Jackson Consulting Ltd, a consultancy and training company that helps engage and inspire people to bring about change. Rob has more than 21 years experience working in the voluntary and community sector, holding a variety of strategic development and senior management roles that have focused on leading and engaging volunteers.


1- In no more than three sentences, please explain what you do 

I engage and inspire people to bring about change. That’s mainly done through the writing, speaking, consulting and training I do on strategic volunteer engagement, helping people & organisations to enable others to change the work through more effective volunteering. I am a huge believer in the power and potential of volunteerism and am committed to making it a more strategically important part of the work of many civil society organisations.

2- Who inspires you?
American blues guitarist, Joe Bonamassa. He took a gamble in his career and set off down his own route, building a career independently from the mainstream and following his passion. I’d like to think there are some parallels in there with my career in the volunteering movement.


3- What is the biggest change you want to see in the world? 
It’s so hard to answer that question because whilst there is lots about our world that is great, there is also much that needs fixing. If I had to boil it down to one thing I suppose I’d like to see a transformation in the potential of each person to make a real difference. That clearly relates to volunteering but it’s broader than that. For example, living in a democracy, I think we need to regain the power of the ballot box and not be so compliant with that the media and others tell us to do.


4- What would you like to be remembered for? 
The only people who I really care about being remembered by are my family and kids. I’d hope they’d remember me for being a good dad, husband, son, and brother.


5- What is the most interesting new idea you’ve come across in the past year? 

In the world I work in I think a lot of new ideas are actually recycled and sexed up old ideas. Microvolunteering for example. It’s badged as something new and exciting but it’s been about for years, it’d just getting some attention now because people are finding ways to do it via technology. That said, one idea I love and have had the privilege to be involved in is the event the National Trust runs for its Volunteer Managers every year, Convestival. It’s a cross between a conference and a festival, educating and celebrating the work of some of unsung heroes of the Trust.


6- Finally, how can people engage with your work if they’d like to learn more/help?

If you go to the contact us page of my website you’ll find all kinds of ways to connect with me, from email, blogs and a range of social media.


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