Social Good Six Interview 61: Noam Kostucki

Social Good Six Interview 61: Noam Kostucki


Noam Kostucki unfolds masterpieces.

He works with entrepreneurs and artists who raise funds, business owners who grow companies and investors who create a legacy.

His work has been featured at Harvard, Stanford Technology Venture Program and TED.

He appears in the Coaching Movie and he is the co-host of a VoiceAmerica radio show for Health & Wellness entrepreneurs.

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1- In no more than three sentences, please explain what you do

I create space for magic to happen. I help people enhance their experience of what it’s like to be alive. I do this through conversations, meditations and creative adventures.


2- Who inspires you?

Everyone. I seek for inspiration in everyone I meet. If someone doesn’t inspire me, I take the time to learn about them until I found something to be inspired by.


3- What is the biggest change you want to see in the world?

I don’t want to see change, as much as I am curious to see how the world will follow its course. I look forward to the day we have computer chips in our brains. I am excited by the effect on our species of (1) having access to the whole of internet instantaneously in our mind, and (2) being able to share a 5 senses experience with someone else. These question our sense of individuality, and it’ll be interesting to see how we use these new abilities.


4- What would you like to be remembered for?

For living a magical life, creating a masterpiece in as many fields as possible, and leaving the world a better place than I found it.


5- What is the most interesting new idea you’ve come across in the past year?

The idea that we can predict the future and that I can understand how extra sensory perception works.


6- Finally, how can people engage with your work if they’d like to learn more/help?

Videos, online courses, and articles here: One on one coaching here: Help me create more here:



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