I’ve published a book called ‘How To Become An Influencer’

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It is over 100 pages long and is packed full of information that will help you grow your influence to increase the impact that you have on the world.

It also includes a long list of key influencers whose work you need to find out about!





My wife is the Founder of Good News Shared, a positive charitable news site.

She created The Moments Journal – all proceeds go to Good News Shared and will mean more brilliant charities can be featured on the site.

The Moments Journal is a guided journal, with six carefully chosen, research-backed questions for you to answer every day. Three uplifting, real-life stories are included in the journal, along with some inspiring quotes to give you an extra boost of positivity.

Go straight to the site if you’d like to buy a copy.


How To Network


I’ve released my first online course, ‘How To Network’.

It is currently totally free to sign up, more than 1000 people joined

the course in it’s first week.

If you would like to be a more confident and effective networker,

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