The Launch Of My New Website!

The Launch of my New Website


I am very excited to be able to share my brand new website with you.



First, a massive thank you to Nisha, my wife, who did the majority of the technical work in putting the website together. The WordPress theme we are using is from one someone I really admire, the brilliant Michael Hyatt.


I’m very excited to be able to present an up to date version of who I am and what I am up to, and even more so to have a proper home for Young Charity Trustees and for the Social Good Six interview series.

Now that I am a digital nomad and have some new business plans in the offing it has been a great opportunity to look again at the way that I present things to the wider world. You may notice I have a new logo (I have kept the slogan from my previous site) and Young Charity Trustees has an updated logo too visit here.

There are a couple of particular features of the website I would like to point out. On the ‘Resources’ page, I will build a collection over time of some of the things that inspire me and help me to be effective. I hope they are useful to you too.

On the Store page, this year I will be working on a few things to share with you.

Finally, I hope that you enjoy the site- if you have any particular feedback or anything isn’t working well for you (including on mobile) I would really appreciate it if you could let me know via Twitter please.





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