Young Charity Trustees- Supporting Trustees’ Week 2017

Young Charity Trustees- Supporting Trustees’ Week 2017


Young Charity Trustees is excited (as ever!) to support Trustees’ Week this year, which is from the 13th to the 17th of November 2017.


This year we’ve been continuing to spread the message about why Board Diversity is so important.

We’ve written a blog for the Charity Commission for Northern Ireland.

We put forward our views in an international governance publication.

We’ve also spoken on the Trustee Leadership Programme as we have been lucky enough to have the opportunity to do a number of times before.


For Trustees’ Week this year we want to promote the work of all of the amazing organisations involved and to further the cause of promoting more diverse Boards.

To learn more about Trustees’ Week, click here. It is a brilliant opportunity both to take a moment to thank the thousands of Trustees who make such a big difference to our country and also to encourage people who are thinking about being Trustees (or indeed, had no idea that they could be Trustees) to take the leap and apply.


We particularly want to reach out to two groups, young people and charities.

Young People:

  • If you are interested in being a Trustee, please join our group on LinkedIn (which has more than 4000 members), look out for the opportunities we share on Twitter, check out all of our many resources on our page here and look at these sites to help you find a vacancy.



  • If you are interested in having young people on your Board, please join our LinkedIn group and share opportunities- and tag us on Twitter to do the same. We’d love to help you, especially during Trustees’ Week when we all have the chance to amplify our voice.


Both young people and charities can also feel free to link to the Founder of Young Charity Trustees, Alex Swallow, on LinkedIn. Please just explain why you want to link when you send a request.


2 further resources which may help:

The Founder of Young Charity Trustees now has a business called The Influence Expert, which helps people to grow their influence to increase their impact on the world.

There are two resources which might be helpful to young people seeking Trustee positions:


  • A free, online course about networking, accessible from this page


Hope everyone has a fantastic Trustees’ Week and thanks to everyone who is a Trustee already!

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