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In my career I have been lucky enough to meet some amazing people.

I want to share some of these brilliant people with you so that hopefully they inspire you and so that you have the chance to get involved in their work.

I want to find more people who are making a real difference to the world. I don’t care what sector they come from- they might be from the charity sector, work for a social enterprise, run a private business with a social conscience, or be playing a role in central or local government. Or their impact might be unrelated to their day job and it is their volunteering that inspires.

They can work in any country, support an issue that affects ten million people or one that supports ten people. All that matters is that their work contributes to social good and that they are happy to share a bit of what they do.

I will be asking each interviewee six simple questions:


1- In no more than three sentences, please explain what you do 

2- Who inspires you? 

3- What is the biggest change you want to see in the world? 

4- What would you like to be remembered for? 

5- What is the most interesting new idea you’ve come across in the past year? 

6- Finally, how can people engage with your work if they’d like to learn more/help?


I hope that as well as being able to share with you some brilliant people I already know, I will discover all sorts of new people that make a real difference to the world.

If you know someone who should be interviewed for ‘Social Good Six’, or indeed if you are someone who should be interviewed, please get in touch. The Twitter account is here, and the hashtag is #SocialGoodSix

We are also on Facebook here.


Starting in autumn 2015 there have been a wide range of interviews, including with:

One of the foremost nonprofit tech experts in the USA.

One of the most successful and well respected charity leaders in the British charity sector.

The UK  Director of Partnerships at


You can find all the interviews so far here- please look out for a new one every Friday!