The Moments Journal – Appreciating Every Day

The Moments Journal – Appreciating Every Day


This is a guest post by my brilliant wife Nisha, the Founder of the positive charitable news site, Good News Shared:


I’m very excited to introduce you to The Moments Journal – my first ever product, created to help people feel more positive and enjoy the special moments in each day.

Do you ever get to the end of a busy week and struggle to remember all the nice things that happened? Why not take the time to reflect and enjoy them with The Moments Journal?

The Moments Journal is a guided journal, with six carefully chosen, research-backed questions for you to answer every day. Three uplifting, real-life stories are included in the journal, along with some inspiring quotes to give you an extra boost of positivity.

Printed in the UK on FSC-certified paper, all proceeds from The Moments Journal will be reinvested into Good News Shared, so by buying a copy not only will you be boosting your well-being, you will also be helping more positive charitable stories from around the world be highlighted and celebrated.

Countless studies have shown focusing on positive moments, kindness and good news can increase your happiness and reduce your stress levels.

During a difficult personal time earlier this year I found myself struggling to appreciate life and everything I am lucky to have. I found myself feeling less anxious, more optimistic and more grateful for what I have when I took the time to actively notice, reflect on and appreciate the good things that happen to me and others each day.

In my work with Good News Shared, I am privileged to be in contact with inspirational people who make a real difference to the world. Many of them have faced tough situations in their lives and yet still manage to find the strength to be positive and help others. They have shown me that everyone experiences good and bad times in their life- it’s their attitude when responding to them that matters.

With a guided structure, tips on how to get the most from the journal, inspiring stories and positive quotes, The Moments Journal is a great way to end a busy day.

It’s a simple, quick and fun way to remember the highlights of your day that you might have otherwise forgotten, before you drift off to a restful sleep.

Click here to buy your copy today!


The Moments Journal – Appreciating Every Day

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